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Bucharest Auto Show & Accessories



Together, we celebrated a double anniversary at the Bucharest Auto Show & Accessories, in a new format and dynamic:

1993 - 2023, 30 years since the first edition of SAB held in Romania.

2023, the celebration of the 20th edition of the Bucharest Auto Show & Accessories, an exhibition that not only managed to persist through numerous challenges over the years but also adapted to the changes in the automotive market, both nationally and internationally.

The Bucharest Auto Show & Accessories fulfills all the criteria of a real business platform for the companies you represent. Our team will ensure the ongoing development of the event by embracing the new trends in the international automotive market.

So, don't hesitate to mark your calendar for the next automotive experience at SAB & Accessories in October 2024.


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For more information about Bucharest Auto Show & Accessories 2023 please contact us at: tel./fax: or, e-mail:   Project Coordinators: Sorin Radacineanu +40724 204 000, Albert Kiss +40722 579 877, Oana Iliescu +40723 672 732.












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