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  1. General aspects

www.sab.ro – is the official website of the event of Premium Expo organized under the name “Bucharest Auto Show & Accessories”, the only car exhibition in Romania supported by ACAROM (Automobile Manufacturers Association of Romania).

The purpose of the website is to offer information on the last details of the events organized by us as well as the possibility to subscribe to the newsletter.

If you do not agree with “Terms and Conditions”, or any of its provisions, you must immediately cease to access the site. By continuing to access and visit the Site, or any of its pages, as well as any of its components you are fully and unconditionally accepting “Terms and Conditions” and the provisions thereunder.

This text represents a convention between S.C. PREMIUM EXPO S.R.L. (hereinafter called Premium Expo) – as owner, and the administrator of the Site – and the User who visits or accesses the Site.

Premium Expo reserves the right to change the content, structure and how to access the Site at any time.

  1. Definitions

Event – the action of organizing and offering special spaces for the exhibitions of the offers in the car industry, including car accessories.

User – any person visiting or accessing the website www.sab.ro

Newsletter – means of periodic notifications used by Premium Expo, only electronically, for offering information about the Event and/or the available promotions taking place during a certain period of time.

Premium Expo – Premium Expo SRL, RO16749268, J40/14496/2004, address: Sos. Pantelimon 93, bl 403A, ap 6, sect 2 – hereinafter called „Premium Expo”.

Site – www.sab.ro domain and its subdomains

  1. Copyright

The entire content of the website www.sab.ro – logo, data, texts, images, graphics, symbols, writings and other information – are owned by Premium Expo and our partners and are protected by the Copyright Law and by the laws on intellectual and industrial property. The use of any of the above-mentioned elements without the express consent of Premium Expo will be punished according to the laws in force.

The only acceptable exceptions are presented below and are conditioned by citing the source in one of these two forms:

  • Bucharest Auto Show & Accessories (www.sab.ro)”


(with incorporated link to www.sab.ro).

Accepted exceptions:

  1. Information presented under the menu News is considered Press Release and it can be used in full, with the obligation of presenting the source.
  2. The texts under the rest of the pages of the Site may be used within a proportion of maximum 50% of the article under the condition of indicating the full link to the original page of the Site.
  3. Pictures presented in the menu “Photo & Video” can be used fully as long as the picture is used in full, without any edits. The only alteration that we accept is the change in resolution (resizing the picture). Pictures will keep the logo of Bucharest Auto Show and Accessories and their source must be cited.
  4. Videos presented on the Site are hosted by YouTube / Facebook platforms and can be incorporated into your own media products only by using the option “Embed Video” on the two platforms.
    Copying the videos through download and uploading them on other video sites or platforms is not accepted.

We allow the use of links to this Site.

  1. Newsletter

Among other means of media, we are using the newsletter, in order to rapidly provide correct information on our offers. We are sending periodic emails only to people who subscribed for this on our site. We have partnered with a company that specializes in this kind of information.

We want to emphasize that we are against SPAM and for this reason, the platform that we are using allows you to unsubscribe from the newsletters sent by us. The option to unsubscribe is at the end of each newsletter email.

Unsubscribing from the Newsletter does not imply retracting the accept given for “Terms and Conditions”.

You can find more information about the Newsletter in the Privacy Policy.

  1. Limitation of liability

Premium Expo is not responsible for and does not expressly guarantee the content of the Site, including information offered by partners or Users of the Site, but will do everything possible and reasonable to offer correct and actual information. In case of errors or omissions, we will be responsible for removing them as soon as possible.

The User is the sole responsible for the consequences arising from the use of the Site, as well as for any material, intellectual, electronic or other type of damage according to the applicable legislation. Premium Expo cannot be held accountable for the misuse or the fraudulent use of the Site, including if the Site has been hacked and displays false information. We will be responsible for bringing the Site to the initial form, prior to the unauthorized intervention, in the shortest possible time.

In case of force majeure, Premium Expo cannot be held accountable. Force majeure includes, but is not limited to: hardware device malfunctions, lack of internet connectivity, viruses, unauthorized access to systems supporting the functioning of the Site (hosting servers), operation errors, strike etc.

  1. Cookies

The Site www.sab.ro uses cookies. By accessing the pages of the Site, you are giving your consent regarding the use of cookies. You can find more information in the Privacy policy.

  1. Final clauses

If you want to send suggestions, ideas, questions, notifications of errors on the website or any other type of feedback please use the e-mail address